Olympic Sculpture Park
Building Olympic Sculpture Park
Location Seattle, WA
Client Seattle Art Museum (SAM)
Size 8 acres
Completion Fall 2006
Cost $60 Million

In December 1999 the Seattle Art Museum (SAM) purchased an 8 acre former industrial property on Seattle’s waterfront. SAM is creating a public park that will also serve as an outdoor display space for large sculptures. The park is uniquely situated between the popular Belltown neighborhood and Myrtle Edwards Park. It will become a green space corridor in which the public can experience art outdoors, while enjoying the city’s waterfront. Upon its completion, the Olympic Sculpture Park will become one of the city’s cultural highlights for both local residents and visitors.

is providing project management support for SAM’s director of capital projects, and has been deeply involved in all aspects of the park’s development. This includes running an international designer selection process, plus managing the highly complex design and construction of the park.

For more information, please refer to the web site Seattle Art Museum.
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